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As the opening night of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists fast approaches, we thought you might like to see some more of Jonny Duddle's character designs

Jonny Duddle - pirates

We thought we'd show you a few more luscious characters designed by Jonny Duddle for The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists

"Nous étions quinze sur le coffre du mort! yohoho! et une bouteille de rhum!"       Pour un peu de neuf, voici un peu de vieux, comme d'hab...

The Art of The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! in a collection of Concept Art made for the movie, featuring Jonny Duddle, Christophe Lourdelet ,

MonstersUniversity-ChrisSasaki-2.jpg (927×1248)

MonstersUniversity-ChrisSasaki-2.jpg (927×1248)