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Hans Baldung Grien - Death and a Woman

Geschichtskammer - sakrogoat: Hans Baldung Grien - Death and a.

Morte, vai encontrar os trovadores Que cantam amores vãos [...] Zomba bem, morte, de tuas peças. (Hélinand de Froidmont)

spells-of-life: Flirting with Death (Suicide Blonde)

The Erotic "Death and the Maiden" Ex Libris of Alphonse Inoue

@Michelle Brown, thought of you when I saw this. :)

the incarnations of bette grable kitsch gothic pin up art Brown, thought of you when I saw this.

The art of Takato Yamamoto has a beautiful, yet horrifying take on ukiyo-e. This one, titled "Night of the Scarlet Moon" is fairly tame compared to some of the rest. The original was sold for 9000 dollars.

by Takato Yamamoto "Night of the Scarlet Moon" A pretty common theme in Japanese folklore

Egad! Love a good red dress amidst a rotten landscape.

Modern Fairytale/ into the darkness / Fairy tale / karen cox. Condemned - Oh!

Death it is not evil it is not good it is not neutral it is here to do what it was born to do.

Death and Fear of Death

by Otto Schmidt ✤ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES Find more at https://www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences

By Otto Schmidt, maiden death grim reaper Father Time scythe maid girl woman dance danse macabre skull skeleton

A very powerful beauty and the beast illustration. Death (Grim Reaper) depicted with his love, lady death.

Gory Gothic Fantasy Art

The glorious dark and macabre fantasy creations of painter and artist 'Noah-kh' Kuang Hong

THE ASYLUM. In a back ward at the asylum, not open to the public, there are a number of these people. Don't ask the staff about this, as every one of the psychiatrists will deny these patients exist.

slobbering: Visual from the 1977 German expressionist dance performance of Blaubart (Bluebeard) choreographed by Pina Bausch. It was the inspiration for scenes of American Horror Story: Coven.

Pin by Flávio Henrique Shaddad on arte e inspiracao

☆ Santa Muerte as an Allegory of Spring :¦: By Artist Briana Bainbridge ☆

Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies (photographed by Camille Silvy, 1862) She was born into a royal West African dynasty, and was orphaned in 1848, when she was around five years old, when her parents were killed in a slave-hunting war. In 1850, Sarah was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a “gift” from the King of Dahomey. She became the queen’s goddaughter and a celebrity known for her extraordinary intelligence.  She spent her life between the British royal ...

Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, photographed by Camille Silvy, 1862 Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies was a child born into a royal West African dynasty. She was orphaned in when her parents were killed in a slave-hunting war. She was around five years


The genre "Dance and the Maiden" has origins in Dance of the Death. In many Dance of the Death representation, a skeleton personifying Death is shown with a beautiful lady.