Erkunde Chemie, Chemieunterricht und noch mehr!

Great visual: thinking of having each student assigned an element. linking arms with another student or students to make compounds, and simulating mixtures without linking arms to demonstrate the difference between the three terms Grade 8 Physical Science  Compounds, Mixtures, & Solutions
In this article, students will read about the science behind the feeling of spiciness, what chemical compound creates this sensation, the way spiciness is measured, why the desire to eat spicy foods e (Tech Week Articles)
I make posters.  I have always made posters.  I am in the process of scaling those down to fit on a single piece of paper.  This way I can f...
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This activity helps students understand the differences between elements, compounds, and mixtures. They classify sixteen cards into piles of elements, compounds, and mixtures. Then they complete their student activity worksheet to help show their thinking and further distinguish between elements, compounds, and mixtures.   Each example card has both text and a picture, which is especially beneficial for ELL students. The pictures are all original artwork.
The Digestive System: Anatomy Print
CANDY COMPOUNDS (edible). Sample lesson plan on ionic and covalent bonds in link but this idea can be used in multiple ways with atoms, molecules, compounds, etc.
Sound Waves Worksheet
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Periodic Chart and Worksheet
A free resource for teachers to use when teaching Chemistry topics with their students. In this lab students learn how matter is changed in a chemical reaction without being destroyed. This resource is basically a lesson plan with an experiment to visually demonstrate this sometimes difficult concept for students.
Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Cootie Catcher
What is the difference between rocks and minerals? Very nice activity for classifying rocks and minerals! My kids loved this activity!
Science interactive notebook on matter, states of matter, properties of matter, elements compounds and mixtures.