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T~Rex Skeleton on a leash going for a walk...hmm!

Photo Story Starter: Boy taking a dinosaur skeleton for a walk.


I love music and it is a massive part of my life. I can't play an instrument but I love listening to music.

1 9 6 3 : Moscow, Gregory Sukhov takes his pet bear Mickey for a walk.

1963 Gregory Sukhov takes his pet bear Mickey for a walk in Moscow. a real life teddy bear

Pretty sure this is a Sun Bear, looking up at the sky.

Just Some Bears Thinking About Life

Approximately black bears live in the park. This equals a population density of approximately two bears per square mile. Bears can be found throughout the park, but are easiest to spot in open areas such as Cades Cove and Cataloochee Valley.

Kurt Cobain, definitely the first song writer/singer/musician whose music I really got into... pretty sure when I was 16-17 I wanted to be him, or at least like him... I didn't want to be dead...

The caption before this was "rock star with kitten.It's Kurt Cobain people.he's still a rockstar tho? they were clearly using the title of the article to caption this stop.

"Brussels- Musical Instruments Museum," by Xian & Kath, via Flickr. -- To read more about this "clavicytherium," a variant of a harpsichord, see http://www.pinterest.com/pin/175218241723396875/.

Brussels- Musical Instruments Museum Appears to be a combination harp/piano, or a way of opening it up to get the string tones out more? Maybe one person plays the harp while the other plays the piano ON ONE INSTRUMENT!


French Dancers Silhouette Art Print Romance D’ Automne Giclee Would love to do this with the sheet music for the song for our first dance use our silhouette from a photo of us dancing at our reception!