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How to build this chicken tractor. From Lazy B Farm.
This is IT!  Exactly what I want.  Ohhhh Honey........Coop De La Ville's Chicken Coop - BackYard Chickens Community
Elim Springs Farm: "We believe in both the welfare of the animals and the preservation of the land. Accordingly, we use no chemical fertilizers (or herbicides or pesticides) on our pastures, but rather rely on the animals for that – using rotational grazing followed by the chicken “clean up crew” and moveable pens for the meat chickens." #RVA #RVAfarms #RVAmarkets
Perfect for Hedgerow and egg production. Love placement of solar panel for fence.
Wow, that chicken coop takes up significantly less space than I had imagined. Hmm...tempting. Wonder how many chickens it fits, and what the city ordinances are around here.
mobile chicken coop - Google Search
Backyard Chicken Product: Chicken Coops - American Coop w/12 Run (14 chickens) - from My Pet Chicken
20 ft Geodätische Kuppel außen Voliere FlugCage von SunriseDomes
Got Rain? Love it! Johnathan used our rain collector to enhance the aquaponics garden in the green house...will have to think about this maybe on a much smaller scale!