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Blackjack (Final Fantasy VI)

Not for all the love or money on earth would I do this. The Lord himself would have to roll out the red and say "you're going, enjoy". Lol.

horse crossing Oh my gosh! I wouldn't cross that on my own! amazing horse and rider

Airship Atlanta

This is a Final Fantasy inspired airship design originally created for a real-time project.

Lantern City airship.  Hope this show is as good as the production materials they showed so far.

Bruce Boxleitner's LANTERN CITY - The owned & operated by the ruling class, fly throughout the skies of

I have these friends who own a flying pirate ship. Being in the sky like that all the time would be an awesome adventure!

This is exactly how I envision The Dare, Sagittarius' mighty Airship. The base for the ship would definitely appear like a traditional vessel. It is wind propelled, so would have sails.

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Red Rose

IX The Red Rose is Queen Brahne's personal airship named after her favorite flower in Final.

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