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Love the line quality of this for my Matthew the Raven tattoo.

Fascinantes dibujos hiperrealistas hechos con lápices de colores por Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic, a talented Croatian tattoo artist in Norway, likes to create gripping realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing clients. His drawings, whether drawing upon horror and sci-fi elements or l

Odin's Ravens: Huginn & Muninn with Thor's Hammer

Odin's Ravens: Huginn & Muninn with Thor's Hammer. My love reminds me of Thor, he is blonde and manly.

Resultado de imagen para tattoo CROW

Interest tattoo ideas and design in 2017 - Abstract Crow Tattoo Designs. If you want to make a tattoo, look how it looks from other people!

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This would make an amazing raven tattoo. (not tattoo, but raven with wings painted with glyphs in a painting as a familiar)

Odin's Ravens (2) by Jauda

Black and white version of Odin's ravens: Huginn & Muninn Odin's Ravens

... Hugin and Munin ...

Odin's Ravens by Matriart Traditional Art / Drawings / Matriart (show more)