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Heroic Words of Wisdom by Adam Thompson (DC Comics / Superheroes / Green Arrow / Oliver Queen)

Blue Lantern Core Oath. If I could be any lantern, I would be a blue lantern.

as my watchers may have noticed ive been redoing a few of my previous projects recently so heres the lantern corps oaths redone Blue Lantern oath 3

Green Lantern

Heroic Words Of Wisdom // artwork by DC Comics and Adam Thompson Some of the best quotes by the heroes of The Justice League Of America.


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Heroic Words of Wisdom by Adam Thompson, via Behance the dark knight rises batman hero quote

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Pop culture GoT Houses


Ok today I have Blue Lantern Flash (Barry Allen) Up against White Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Atrocitus -- Rage

The sixth in a series of Red Lantern Corps was formed by Atrocitus (Pictured) due to the rage he felt over being imprisoned and also be. The Lantern Corps - Rage

#sinestro corps (yellow lanterns) represent fear

DC Comics To Publish New Sinestro Corps Ongoing - Making It The Sixth Green Lantern Monthly Comic - Bleeding Cool News And Rumors

The Lantern Corps - Orange Lantern by KPants on DeviantArt

- The Lantern Corps: AvariceThe forth in a series of seven, The Orange Lantern Corps wields the power of avarice (greed), the wielders of the. The Lantern Corps - Orange Lantern