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Perhaps middle-age is, or should be, a period of shedding shells; the shell of ambition, the shell of material accumulations and possessions, the shell of the ego. ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh...  Liguus virgineus or the candy cane shells..via 11 eleven

earth-song: “ Candy-Striped Land Snail Liguus virgineus, also known as the candy cane snail, is a species of air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropodmollusk in the family.

Sea Shell 7

Classic Music Volute (Voluta musica) from Union Island, Grenadines, Caribbean

Tamara Mack Design - Navy & White - at the beach

Love the texture and color of these blue shells. Nature is full of incredible color.

Shells- Ficidae, common name the fig shells are a family of medium to large marine gastropods. It is the only family in the superfamily Ficoidea. The shells of these snails are shaped rather like figs or pears, hence the common name.

Neritina (Vittina) communis   I love these shells each one is so different and beautiful

Shells of Neritina (Vittina) communis. An aquatic snail of the Philippines.

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Auger stellatus shell - seashell

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Scaphella junonia (Lamarck, 1804...This is the most sought after shell on Sanibel Island,and one of the hardest to find.

Scaphella junonia (Lamarck, - C.Chen--the treasure of Sanibel Island, that's if you can find one!

Ooh how fun are these?

Painted Sand Dollars - a fun summer activity! Perfect for that big bag of sand dollars they brought home from Santa Cruz.