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star wars dude ewok

Funny pictures about He's A Mixture Of An Ewok And Chewy. Oh, and cool pics about He's A Mixture Of An Ewok And Chewy. Also, He's A Mixture Of An Ewok And Chewy photos.

Better than leaving the carseat with the baby on top of a picnic table at the park thinking you had everything after doing the "Mommy Triple Check". Granted, I also had an 18 month old, just moved across 5 states and it was 102 degrees outside. And no sleep for two months. That about covers it.

Baby in the dog crate. Dog in the baby's carseat. You need more than coffee.

Let me eat cake--to paraphrase Marie Antoinette.

STORYBOARD: Tard the Grumpy Cat. Storyboard has a one-on-one with Grumpycat about Starbucks coffee cake, windows, and sleep.

two of my favorite things: cats and Forrest Gump references.

Forest: what are you doing here Lieutenant Dan? Lieutenant Dan: I wanted to spread my sea legs. Forest: But you aint got no legs Lieutenant Dan. BAHAHHAHAHAHH my fav part of Forest Gump! xD this is the best!

How to make your own lightsaber! Sounds like an awesome summer project :)

How To Make A Lightsaber

A fun infographic from Newark / Element 14 detailing what you need to do to build your own lightsaber at home! If you’re on the front page of the site, be sure to hit the “read more” link below for the full infographic!

Poor little AT-AT

Wearing this Battle Damage t-shirt by Mike Jacobsen is far less embarrassing than wearing a cone of shame!

Piping up: Favourite R2-D2

A long time ago, in a gallery far, far away... Star Wars fine art goes on show

Copilot - Victorian - Steampunk Star Wars Art by Greg Peltz

Star Wars Humor

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun Luke Warm, Get It 'Luke' Warm Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Movie animals

Funny pictures about Dramatic Squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Dramatic Squirrel. Also, Dramatic Squirrel photos.

Lmao ass whooping

Otters don’t like watermelon! This face made me burst out laughing! OTTERS ARE SO AWESOME even if they don't like watermelon, I forgive them.

You're my only hope!   Take an interest in big brother.

17 Awesome Political Bumper Stickers

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! I want this so bad! Obi will be my write in candidate!

I'm the type of girl who loves Star Wars

Yeah I am the nerdy girl. The one who reads every book she can get her hands on, watches Sci-fi, and loves to write stories where nothing is realistic but everything is fun! Yup, I am THAT girl!


I would do ______ for a Jabba the Hutt snow man. Built in Spokane, Washington by? (Please step forward for your praise.) *only spokane would have someone who would build a jaba the hut snow man*

may the bread will be with you

Here's a fun gadget to put a smile on your face in the morning, the Darth Vader Toaster. Pop some bread in the Darth Vader toaster and out comes your very