Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas use paint chips for name tags

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Handmade gift wrapping ideas for Christmas gifts. Includes use of paint chips as tags, cookie tags, burlap and boxwood accents, and re-purposing ideas for wrap.

table decorations

Christmas Christmas/Holiday Party Ideas


Easy DIY Christmas Tags with Paint Chips

Love this idea for Christmas.  We're not doing a present exchange this year so I'm looking for little cute gifts to share instead.

Are you going to diy treats for your office holiday party? These hot chocolate packages would be a great present!

snowman chocolate bar

Next up is a Hershey bar dressed up like a snowman. I simply wrapped the Hershey bar in white paper, made a scarf with embroidery s.

Katie´s Pretzel Wreaths  Use white chocolate, dark choc., or vanilla bark

Katie´s Pretzel Wreaths

Christmas pretzel wreaths - cute for kids and they only require a few ingredients; mini pretzel twists, red licorice laces/string and white candy coating or white chocolate. Dipped pretzels are laced with red in a treat almost too pretty to eat

Cute. Easy. Paint chip tree!

Holiday Card Ideas and Clearance Blitz Continues

I have a ton of paint cards.guess what will be on my gifts this year. Christmas tree gift tag made out of a sample paint card - genius!

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