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Seriously, Pick Up Your Freaking Feet! One of my biggest pet peeves! One inch, people.

The new way of saying “I love you”

I'm willing to risk the cooties if you are. I love this Remember when you were little & boys, girls had cooties! So cute

And I always wins...because he lets me haha my husband is great!

Cuddling while you sleep is a lie, the bed is a war zone with a constant fierce battle over the blanket, pillows, and bed space

@Staci Strickland - its a moustache bow I think!!!! :O


Mustache hairpin lol Can I ask you what the big deal about mustaches is? People make treats and (not-so) funny jokes about them? It's only funny if it's on a girl.

Instagram inspira conceito de câmera fotográfica de verdade

Instagram inspira câmera fotográfica de verdade

Asking for this for Christmas! (would be a great stocking stuffer!) camera that prints real photos like a polaroid!

Mother Nature Flips The Bird Photograph by Kristine Patti

I think this represents the deserts feeling toward people perfectly. Mother Nature Flips The Bird Photograph by Kristine Patti

Imagen de Oujosama

Ice Cream Scoop Stack--just twist and lift to get that hard-to-scoop ice cream. With a simple release push button, presentation can be creative and fun! This so reminds me of getting Thriftys Ice cream