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Teenager Posts this is exactly tru 2 friends Carissa and Maddy and two sorta friends Olivia and Celeste

I mean...it's worth reposting just in case someone reading this has been searching for someone to bless with $10k.

forget "teenager post" how about "Mom post", and add another zero on that while you're at it!

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Me and my crush have made eye contact every day for a month and a half. when we do tho, he smiles every time!

Not me cuz I have motivation but I see this happening to some girls

Teenager Post Here's the problem. I have no motivation but I still care about my grades. See my dilemma?

Most moms I know don't do this a ton, but it's very funny...

hahaaha its like on a Christmas story when one mom calls the other about their kid hearing the other kid cuss and the mom that had the kid cuss just randomely beat the tar out of him and he said "what did I do mom?

yeah it was tough but we got into college and grad school as independent thinkers.

Teenager post

Personally i feel like romeo and juliet could have handled the situation better - HumorMeetsComics

That annoying moment when you're an adult and this post is STILL relatable -.