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For me and my homeschooled friends :) @Brooke Williams Williams Baird Young @Paige Hereford Hereford Hereford Massa @Kate Mazur Mazur F. Seher

People Who Are Awesome

Oh yeeeaaahhhh! I do know a few public schoolers who are awesome tho.

switch the white and vibrant and you have my closet (I do like brighter red, turquoise, and mint green)

The "bright vibrant colors" are dark blue and sometimes a forrest green or burgundy.

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Fuck everything I'm gonna name my kids sans and asriel (love this names) maybe Vincent

Oh so true

And This Supposed to Make Me Want to Take It?

I Don't Even Believe You Anymore

I Don't Even Believe You Anymore


haha most the time my mom will list all of her sisters, my sister, my brother and even my nephews now before she finally gets to my name!


One Direction AND Drake & Josh. Some of my most favorite things!

And my friends

My mother calls my by my Aunt's name at least once every time we talk. How can you forget my name?

Boys I know should be smaller. I don't know very many boys, and a incredibly small portion of them are actually attractive.

For example: Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Chris Hemsworth. The list goes on and on.