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I like the juxtapozition of depicting modern tools and toys with old-school imagery.

National Biscuit Company, 1951

Here is a 1950 vintage Oreo ad. Nabisco claims that you know Oreos taste good…

old advert

The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot

"The harder a wife works, the cuter she looks," Kellogg's Pep for Vitamins Sexist Ad,

McDonald's vintage advertising

1964 McDonalds Restaurants ad - 47 Cent Meal (so in the middle of the sixities it was time to remind their customers how American they were). ~~ I remember their 15 cent hamburger.

Reichsmarschall des Großdeutschen Reiches : Foto

Reichsmarschall des Großdeutschen Reiches : Foto

Victor Records | Sheaff : ephemera || Booklet cover, 1905  "His master's voice"

The company name was "His Master's Voice". The dog's name is Nipper. He's listening to a wind-up gramophone. In the photograph on which the painting was based, the dog was listening to a phonograph cylinder.