There are two types of parrots for the African Grey Parrots – the Congo grey and the Timneh grey Parrots.

Top Questions about African Grey Parrots Answered

Interested in African grey parrots? Learn about the two species of African grey parrots, their intelligence and how to take care of these parrots.

Since the reality of keeping companion parrots is unlikely to change, we must instead do so as consciously as possible, with a deep awareness of exactly what it is we are asking of them. Life in captivity always carries a measure of stress for our companion parrots. The wise parrot owner both acknowledges this and works to alleviate as much stress as possible that results from the conditions of living in captivity.

Stress Reduction for Companion Parrots

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The avian heart is an amazing organ. Because birds are so athletic, they have relatively bigger hearts than that found in mammals. (Anyone who has shared a home with a bird knows about their big hearts!)

Find out how your pet bird's heart works and how to keep it healthy.

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When you're the most intelligent bird in the universe, the most beautiful bird in the world with all the available shades of grey topped with a gorgeous red tail, people will try to imitate you even if all you're doing is eating a red strawberry.

African Gray the smartest bird on earth

ENDANGERED: The African Gray Parrot is the smartest bird on earth. It is mostly threatened by the illegal pet trade.

Potty train your African Grey!

Have you tried potty training your child and it just isn't going well? Some children fight every potty training attempt you will make, while other children are