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Tips for growing blueberries, raspberries, blackberries ....

My favorite garden guru - P Allen Smith: berry good tips for growing blackberries, raspberries & blueberries

Glue pennies to the side of garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper. #squarefootgardening

Glue pennies to the side of garden bed to keep slugs away. Slugs and snails won't cross copper. #squarefootgardening

Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with very little work from the gardener. Creating a lasagna bed will result in soil that is alive with microorganisms, your plants will thrive.  Step 8 - Picture of Subsquent layers

How to Build a Lasagna Bed

How to layer material for a raised bed garden without importing expensive potting mix & topsoil: Layer: Straw mulch Compost Newspaper/ cardboard Grass clippings Rough mulch Branches Lasagne gardening?

The Best homemade solution for Hostas Care that will stop bugs and slugs from eating your Hostas. http://www.mamasblogcentral.org/hostas-care/

Supplies needed: Sprayer that attaches to hose 1 cup of Listerine Mouthwash (original) 1 cup of Epson Salt 1 cup Ammonia 1 cup Ajax Dish soap (lemon)

Front yard ideas. Need to do this around our black tree in the front yard

Looks like creeping phlox, but apparently is Trailing Rosemary? One pinner said: Trailing Rosemary produces beautiful blue foliage. It requires little water, and has a moderate growth rate. It has no allergens, but yet is very fragrant.

how to build a potato tower - This is how I'm doing potatoes next year.

How to Grow Your Own Food: Potato Tower Update

How to build a potato tower. Note this: put a piece of PVC pipe with holes drilled in it down the middle of the tower, should make watering easier.

20 Clever DIY Planters, Pots & Plant Stands for your garden or inside! | littleredwindow.com

20 Clever DIY Planters, Pots and Plant Stands

LOVE mixing roses and clematis Clematis "Nelly Moser" and climbing rose - Christine's garden in Artland / Lower Saxony

A whole strawberry patch in a 55 gallon drum.

The latest craze in the green gardening market is the self-watering barrel garden. Barrel gardens are easy to make and efficient to use. A drum can hold up to 72 plants, allowing for more food to be harvested at a one time

DIY Raised Bed Seat - Vegetable Gardener

DIY Raised Bed Seat - Vegetable Gardener

DIY Raised Garden Bed Seat – Step-by-step tutorial with instructions on how to make a movable “seat” for more comfortable access when tending or enjoying your raised garden bed. Great for adults & children. More DIY garden ideas @ themicrogardener.


How to Build a Worm Tower - This visually illustrates the concept of building a worm farm in your raised garden bed, where you want your compost worms to go to work for you, feeding your vegetables with nutrients. This system allows you to recycle food sc