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If only we could get a pass out from Earth to Heaven every now and then. Written in the sand dunes of Mullaloo Beach Western Australia.

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;p (for Christy)

It's a beautiful day, perfect for spending some quiet time at the beach enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves. I've left a comfy chair for you to relax in. Have a lovely day in the sand, sweet Charlene!

paddle board on a lake...half fun (knowing that you might fall in), half fear (knowing that you might fall in). DO IT ANYWAY. #evoxSummer

What a fun and exciting workout! Can't wait for next summer to have our lake and start paddle boarding!

Sorry for all the posts with Florida!! We went on vacation there and I am bound and determined to live there after my 2 college years here. We will meet again dear sandy beaches of Florida... we will meet again..

I am thankful for the Beach! I will write this in the sand.I will feel the warm/cool sand under my feet! ( I will bury my feet in the sand.




Spring Break Girls - MUST take this pic with the girls when we go to Coconut Bay!