Superman New Costume by ardian-syaf on DeviantArt

black-box-comics: “ Superman New Costume by Ardian Syaf ”

art deco art aet work for study, theater/game room

"Superman" Art Deco Style, very much in the vein of the advance poster for "Rocketeer." By Aaron Markwell.

total-comics-fan: herochan: War of the Supermen #0-4 Pencils by Eddy Barrows Inks by JP Mayer Color by Rod Reis more comics here...... !!!!

Hi guys, I'm the new artist of Superman alongside JMS I am very happy with this opportunity and realize a childhood dream. Thanks Eddy Page 01 of the wa. New artist of the Superman

love that they included Jessica Cruz

Hey guys, been a long time since I posted something I was a colorist on. This piece was drawn by colored by me. join me on patreon for excusives, tutorials and hard to find techniques! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!