People having Aquarius zodiac sign, take birth in the time period of 20th January to 18th February. Today, you will be eager to tell everything about you but do not speak too much and your answer should be to the point. You will not miss any chance to express your views in front of others. The Moon is going to benefit you in the seventh house of your horoscope. In money matters, if you need any help, so today it will be readily available.

Children make wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers chase them, but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody." ~ Quote by Linda Goodman ♥♥ Beautiful Zodiac Art Aquarius by Lisa Iris

Psyche in Aquarius is the zodiac sign, ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution, surprises and innovation.

Lisa Iris - Gemini

The Crystal Wind™ Collection. the sign in the Zodiac. Art by Lisa Iris

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Love Match

Find matching compatibility between aagittarius man and leo woman. Read love compatibility about leo female and aquarius male sun sign and how they maintain relationship to match accordingly.

Love Always, From The Aquarius Woman.,♡IamSheSawtheSun♡

Aquarius Art print Astrology February Birthday January Birthday Air sign original illustration ART Print Hand SIGNED size My zodiac sign!

Aquarius - Passionate lover and quite (Illustration Horoscope for Indonesia printer 2008)

Aquarius - Passionate lover and quiet (Illustration Horoscope for Indonesia printer

The Crystal Wind™ #Zodiac Collection.  #Scorpio the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Art by Lisa Iris

The Crystal Wind™ Zodiac Collection. Scorpio the sign of the Zodiac. Art by Lisa Iris

Sagittarius Posters

Sagittarius Poster

Sagittarius - Optimistic, Adventurous, Truth-Seeking This ornament is perfect as a gift adornment or tree decoration for that special someone born between November 22 and December



"YOU are Divine because it is your birthright. The Goddess lives and breathes through you. Look at the world through the eyes that she has gifted you. And from this place, you will Reconnect with your Wild and Sacred, knowing that these are essential parts of Unleashing who you are as a Woman." - Art by Olga Gubanova WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD ™

"YOU are Divine because it is your birthright. The Goddess lives and breathes…

Capricorn Poster

Capricorn Poster

That's the Aquarius I know...always there for someone else so their day can be easier. She's quirky and funny, and also a real humanitarian...just like A. Lincoln.

I don't think i have ever seen more accurate zodiac sign quotes than these! ohh so true