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Dark Art: Dark Art: Edward Burtynsky's Oil.

Dark art: Edward Burtynsky's photographs of the oil industry – in pictures

Edward Burtynsky has spent 15 years photographing oil – from the fields where it is sourced, to the cars it powers, to the detritus it leaves behind

A MOUNTAIN OF DAMAGED OIL DRUMS NEAR THE EXXON REFINERY: Yet another dirty, costly expense of fossil fuel. Photo: John Messina. Environmental Protection Agency. (1972) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_MOUNTAIN_OF_DAMAGED_OIL_DRUMS_NEAR_THE_EXXON_REFINERY_-_NARA_-_546000.jpg

rhubarbes: “ A mountain of damaged oil drums lies in a heap in an Exxon refinery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, December Photo by John Messina.

(Foto: Chris Jordan)

Fotos revelam o vazio do consumismo

(Foto: Chris Jordan)

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Garbage City. Cairo, Egypt

Garbage City is a district in Cairo, Egypt built on garbage and part of daily life for the people is to collect garbage from all over Cairo and bring it back here to sort, recycle or salvage. They are called the Zabaleen

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