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iGNANT by Sergio Andretti

Milan Is A Haunted City

Таинственные коллажи от Antonio Mora

A great series combing landscapes, trees and rivers with portrait photography. Dream Portraits is by Spanish artist and creative photographer Antonio Mora.

onlyoldphotography:  Alfred Eisenstaedt: A man standing in the lumberyard of Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing. 1939

Life magazine images: A man standing in the lumberyard of Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing. Location: Seattle, WA, US Date taken: 1939 Photographer: Alfred Eisenstaedt

La doble exposición de Dan Mountford

La doble exposición de Dan Mountford

Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mountford. Dear Kent mates, prepare to model for a small double exposure portrait series.

The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan: Swimming Pool, Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich “Swimming Pool” - When seen from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. In fact, however, a layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over.

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. This is not particularly an interesting concept to me, but it's ok. dan mountford, double exposure portraits

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. Coming city life and country-side with the human face by Dan Mountford, double exposure portraits.

"My district, in its diversity, is a microcosm of what the whole city is about. Downtown is the economic heart, it's the life of the city. It's made me grow to be able to go from a board room to sitting at the curb with neighborhood folks." - Hanifa Shabazz, Fourth District

Double Exposure Portraits of City Council Members and Things Important to Them

Designspiration — Dan Mountford | Designcollector™

Double Exposure Photography is the art of crossing over from image capture into a form of Graphic Design. We have collected some work from Dan Mountford UK.

Getting a glimpse of Milan as a historic and modern city. Francesco Paleari shows us how “Milan in the profiles of the people who live it every day.” Using double exposures to create artful compositions blending a portrait of a Milanese person with one of Milan’s architectural gems.

Milan’s Architecture and People in Surreal Double Exposures

Dreamlike Double Exposure Shots That Blend People And Milan’s Buildings > People and Architecture - Francesco Paleari

double-4.  Double Exposure portraits by Sarah K Byrne.

I really love mutiple exposure photos and photographer Sarah K. Byrne recently wrote and filmed a detailed tutorial on how to make multiple exposure photographs using a Cannon Mark III camera.