I loooooved John Winchester (Jeffery Dean Morgan)!! I hate that he's gone for good. :(

I love this John Winchester, who cares for his kids and wants to kill what killed his wife. I do not like the John Winchester that was rude to them and made them grow up too fast

I have always hated the way John Winchester favored Sam. It isn't Dean's fault Mary died. It isn't his fault John hunts. It isn't his fault that Sam is raised in such a crappy situation. It's John's fault. He left Dean alone with Sam whenever he left. He let himself become obsessed with finding Azazel. He put the burden of premature fatherhood on Dean's little shoulders.

I pity the John Winchester who lost his wife. I despise the John Winchester that neglected his sons and raised one of them to be a soldier.

pfffftttt I'm not crying.... my eyes are just sweating

Yes it hurt but it was also amazing. he's finally letting Sammy in! It probably would have hurt more in the long run if he hadn't been honest.

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Fara Winchester on

Season 6 "Exil on main street" I'm in pain :'( This hurt me so much. Because the pain on Dean's face physically hurts me.

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My Bloody Valentine

I love how Sam claims to dislike this music, but knows Metallica by Dean's humming. Dean's taught him well.

"Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes [gifset] - Out With The Old, Phantom Traveler, Yellow Fever, Dog Dean Afternoon." We need more of these moments…LOVE MY BOYS ♥◡♥ "real brothers"

This whole dang show is a beautiful roller coaster of emotions

Fight through the freaky stuff and plug through! I really only watched for the bromance at first bc the show used to give me nightmares