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Pretty sure I had all of these Polly Pockets when I was little. One of my favorite childhood toys.

The REAL Polly pockets! When their houses use to fit in your pocket. now the damn doll barely does!

polly pocket coffre http://ourlittlefamily.e-monsite.com/

polly pocket coffre http://ourlittlefamily.e-monsite.com/

Loved Polly Pockets

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The REAL Polly Pocket -- Remember the days when parents weren't worried about kids choking? LOVED THESE!

Polly Pocket puppy or the kitten set.lost down the drain, in the vacuum cleaner or in the floor vents.

This is the one I had!!!!!!! Ahhhh memories! I wish I kept that thing around!

Huge Polly Pocket Lucy Locket Playset by Mattel. My daughter had this and I think I played with it more than she did. Such a cute little condo inside a heart case.

I had a sh*t ton of these as a kid! This exact one included.

Polly Pocket This was the best one bc it lit up I so had this even found an old polly pocket girl out in the garden in the dirt by my fish grave haha 2012 lol

Polly Pocket -1993 Ski Lodge Playset - Pollyville (Notice that the out view are different from Ski Lodge Brown version but the inside is the same)

Polly Pocket miniature dollhouse winter woodland log cabin scene with St…

What was it about #90s girls and tiny toys? Love Polly Pocket!

"As If" Beanie

amazing events happened in polly town. Polly used to get married, have her reception at the pizza restaurant, went home, and back to work at the school.


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285 reasons why being a girl rocked our jellies off.ohh the memories - I'm not even a girl (technically I am but I was a baby for it) but I remember all these things!