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Kook & Hobie <3 Son un amooor

Because, of course, he is the golden maknae<<<< he's like a little onion plant. or radish.

This behind the scenes shooting still got me in tears

Just cute and funny jikook memes Cute Moments Some memes made by me🤘🏻😂

#wattpad #diversos Esto contiene: Humor Chistes malos TaeKook Yoonmin  Namjin  Hoseok mas solo que yo Especiales Menciones de otros grupos Si no te gustan las parejas anteriores, no se que haces de tu vida. Todo esto es producto de mi poca imaginación    ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌   ✏30.08.16 - ¿?

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*runs like an idiot, walks against the wall, trips over nothing and stands up * Hey Girls Jungkook

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Same face he pulled when they Tae got lost on Bon Voyage. He just loves his members so much ^u^

Jimin's actually a really good artist and I'm ded inside

'' jikook makes me a zombie . coz whenever they killed me with this type of shit i still get up and dies again .



Salty Kookie XD poor Kookie, his boyfriend Jimin was ignoring him

This is my FAVORITE thing! Oml this is so cute how does he move like that?!

He looks like a noodle or eel. No matter what, that's all I see. Jungkook holding a wiggling noodle<<< "No matter what, that's all I see. Jungkook holding a wiggling noodle" HAHHAHAHAHA I LOVEEE THIS xD

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