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Beautifully coordinated. Well done. | Harajuku&kawaii style | Pinterest

Hellocon Day Tea Party: Crystal Dream Carnival Pegasus Last Sunday was the fantastic Hellocon tea party with Angelic Pretty. The theme of the teaparty was Fairytale Theatre so I decided to go with pegasus inspired outfit. I made the wings and the.

classic sweet lolita jsk pinkroses and white

lolita (sweet) but I would wear it possibly as a sun-dress to something nice

Belle Langue -Mist Starry Sky- Lolita Jumper Dress

My-Lolita-Dress Official — [-★✦✧-Black and White Mist Starry.

Shimotsuki Sakuya -The Whisper of Stars- Lolita Normal Waist JSK

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Beth » Jumper Skirt » Sailor Line JSK

Not crazy about whatever's going on up top, or even really the nautical theme, but I keep seeing dresses with that tulle sticking out. I think I'm going to need to get a tulle slip? Maybe one in the bright blue we want in the wedding.