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Quince and Co.

new colors / quince & co. tern - I am so in love with Quince & Co.

Swans Island yarn.  Hand crafted on the coast of Maine.  100% certified organic merino wool and alpaca blends.  Hues achieved by natural dyestuffs.

Swans Island Organic merino wool yarns, dyed with all natural dyes

Probably my favorite storage solution so far, I don't have to spend much money or build anything. BUT, if I did have the resources...     Plus, "decor"-ative!

Yarn Stash Storage Solutions: A Crafting Quandary Unraveled

put a top on it and it's a side table! Yarn Stash Storage Solutions: A Crafting Quandary Unraveled

beautiful work, beautiful display

Wire hangers are notorious for ruining sweaters (those tiny shoulder pad things are the worst). So spare your wool friends from destruction by putting your wire hangers to work outside the closet.

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every color in the spectrum, what to knit with next? high quality wool yarns from Tweed

DIY Giant Blanket.. Love This

Giganto Blanket Pattern Hand knit on PVC pipe, using slightly-felted superwash unspun wool roving. Pattern includes links to raw materials and instructions on how to create 'yarn' and 'needles' from unusual objects as well as knitting instructions.

Quince & Co. New colours Autumn 2013

Quince & Co. – Fine American Yarn and Knitting Patterns