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17 Reasons To Own a Black Cat

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Black Cat. I just got a Bombay kitten, and he is the sweetest thing ^_^

Love black cats!

Love black cats!

I have a black cat, she is nothing but pure joy and love...

Corduroy, The Oldest Living Domestic Cat In The World’s

Black cats are good luck! Love my two beautiful good luck black kitties!

I used to have 2 black cats; however, one of them passed away, so I only have one. His name is Lovey <3 I miss his most of all while I'm in college!

Original Pastel Painting Black Cat Kitten schwarze Katze Chat noir Art by AiA

Today, 17 August 2014 is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Original Pastel Painting Black Cat Kitten Schwarze Katze Chat Noir Art by Aia

cat- reminds me of Linus, my first cat I got when I was two.

"my black cat" by Iris Grover

Solumn - Talking Cat, the library archives assistant for Sylvia

30+ Maine Coon Cats That Will Make Your Cat Look Tiny

Maine Coon - "The dogs of the cat world" because most love people! Males weigh 35 pounds, females "only" Average cat is 10 pounds.

Photo - A Positively Beautiful Blog

Fluffy tuxedo kitty in the pumpkin patch. :) Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

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The Ultimate CAT CARE Guide

Panthertooth is a mysterious tom. Ever since his mate, Leapardblaze, disappeared, rumors have been going around saying he killed her. No one knows how he came to be in Longclan. Mate: none. Kits: none

* * JINX: " De likes of yoo cause me unrest." [DEFAULT: Praying to the goddess Bast that humans never get more than one life.

It looks like a little ruffled bib on its neck. Dapper.  Gorgeous!

Cat Fact: A lonely old woman living with a black cat in the Century would probably have been accused of witchcraft.

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Why Cats are Better than Men

14 reasons you'd be lucky to love a black cat. Infographic We have a black kitty cat called Heidi!