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Avatar universe – Mike DiMartino

legend of korra season 4 finale korrasami perfect way to build a relationship. Legend of Korra seasons 3 worth studying for storytelling. Also Avatar the Last Airbender.

LoK: Outdated Ideas by Neodusk.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"I Mean, If It Works." -- My gosh this mashup, I can't! Legend of Korra, meet Patrick Star

What the heck, Korra??? You're a master of three elements and you.couldn't come up with a more practical strategy like these???

Korra vs the Equalists!

Or, you know, give them the upper hand by constantly engaging in close combat without a plan.

Instagram photo by @korra_legend_of | Yooying

Oh HELL no! Kyoshi would've laughed at Kuvira before removing her spine

“ “ Avatar: The Last Airbender meets The Legend of Korra ” ”

Stages of Zuko Fangirling | Book 1 | by akszirules.deviantart.com | Avatar | The Last Airbender | Zuko

Haha, very simple comic. Hopefully the mediocre effort I put into it, will be saved by the fact that most of my target audience can probably relate to t. Stages of Zuko Fangirling

Kai - Legend of Korra - by PencilPaperPassion.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Ugh I keep telling myself to stop making so much Korra fanart but it's the only pieces I end up finishing ; Anyway, this is Kai. Kai - Legend of Korra -

The Legend of Korra/avatar the last Airbender: kudos hi island and ember island

The Legend of Korra/avatar the last Airbender: Kyoshi island and Ember island