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Servant & Daughter of evil... Marshall Lee & Fionna @Nic Grady Skellington AKA Juliet Kilo @Elizabeth Lockhart Hester

Fionna & Marshal Lee - Adventure Time (it almost looks like Rin & Len's Daughter/Servant of Evil)

So I don't actually like watching Adventure Time but this is too cute for me to resist! BOY, did she get him! Lol! <3 "You're in Love with Me" The artist is Fangcovenly, you'll find more Fiolee artwork on this person's deviantart. Again, Fangcovenly on Deviantart. ( To all Fiolee Fans, tell your Friends )

That's why I ship Fiolee. Just admit it! If you don't love Fionna, why do you keep asking this question, Marshall? My Bad Little Boy 2

Love fiolee

So adorable, that last shot always gets me, marshalls face lol

Gumlee Tumblr

Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball. I believe that they look incredibly hot here.