Fields and Furrow, Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud, Fields & Furrows couldnt believe my eyes when i first saw these.this is the CAKE dude? these landscapes are transcendent and otherworldly and.

Joaquín Sorolla. Mar de Zarauz. 1910. © Fundación Museo Sorolla

Sea Zarauz - Joaquin Sorolla i Bastida 1910 Spanish Oil on canvas, cm

Lynda's Backyard by Anne Pfeiffer Oil ~ 6" x 6"

Lynda's Backyard by Anne Pfeiffer Oil ~ x

I am an artist working and teaching in Nelson. I mainly work in oils painting both figure and landscape, inspired by the local scenery and stories/artists/memories from the past and future.

ART & ARTISTS: Wayne Thiebaud (landscapes)

Wayne Thiebaud -- landscape (need to find exact title). You'll find rich color & intriguing patterns in his work.

Edwige Fouvry, 'Marais Jaune,' 2014, Dolby Chadwick Gallery

From Dolby Chadwick Gallery, Edwige Fouvry, Marais Jaune Oil on canvas, 59 × 59 in


Painting water - Marcia Burtt Koi and Reflection acrylic 24 x 20 inches