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from pinner "This is one of my favourite pictures.It always reminds me to be happy and be positive in difficult situations, that life still goes on. This little boy is such an inspiration.

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Dos niños, sin duda. A cuántos protegerá Budha?

Los milagros más grandiosos están sucediendo en el interior de cada Ser al llenarse con el espíritu del Amor de las dimensiones más elevadas.

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Collection of Best Press Photographs / I have such respect for photojournalists who have the balls to venture out and create this kind of work. I wonder what were they talking about?

ha ha ha!!!

Another cute little Mongolian girl, could be one of the twins. I found so many photos of little Mongolia girls and they are all so cute!

Ayuda al prójimo, Una imagen vale más que mil palabras...

faith in humanity restored. Even those who need help can give.voce acha que tem o direito de reclamar de alguma coisa. QUE EXEMPLO.

“What we’re learning in our schools is not the wisdom of life. We’re learning technologies, we’re getting information. There’s a curious reluctance on the part of faculties to indicate the life values of their subjects.”

At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. Think every day of your life as your last day. You immediately get filled with love and compassion. You forgive yourself and forgive others when this thought co

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iseo58: India (Runaway Gypsy)

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010: recent entries in the category Joy

Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2010: recent entries in the category Joy

danilove_xo: “Smile and the world smiles back. This priceless moment of joy happened amongst a crowd of children at Thiruvalluvar Nagar Beach near Chennai (India). One of the most beautiful smiles ever captured.

♥  Remember to love yourself.  Jesus said to love others as you love yourself, not to love others instead of yourself......

That's right baby boy~ be happy and love yourself!