Mulan 2 - Mulan and Shang are so perfect!!

Wallpaper and background photos of Mushu Mulan II screencaps for fans of Mulan images.

Already wrote one for Mulan, but perhaps another?

Funny pictures about Evil Disney Princesses. Oh, and cool pics about Evil Disney Princesses. Also, Evil Disney Princesses photos.

Shang and Mulan

Always loved him for that. He believes in her, and that's what makes him my favorite Disney guy.


I always thought it was referencing beauty and the beast. Cause the same things happen in beauty and the beast. In Aladdin it's not a spell. It's just a genie with magic. In beauty and the beast it's actually a spell on the castle.

Mulan and Shang

Shang & Mulan one of only two redeeming qualities about the second Mulan movie the other one with Shane's thought to be death

Lilo and Stitch!

Lilo and Stitch- "You read my diary?" "At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a sad, handwritten book.

Because of Disney

Because of disney. His is one of my favorite disney movie, because of the music

Snow white and family

Snow white and family

Did my senior color guard choreography project based on Mulan. It was entitled "You Have Saved Us All" based on this scene. Mulan is tied for my favorite Disney Princess because she was more than a pretty face with true intention and cause.

BWahahahahaha!!!!  This made me laugh more than it should have lolololololol

Don't look so sad. After all, you did think she was a GUY for most of the movie.