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Colorful Bengals

Colorful Bengals

Colorful❤Wow, a cat like I saw in my dream is in this photo, the one that is white with silver outlined spots. I sure was surprised to see it, didn't know such a cat was real!

Bath time

Bath time

New trending GIF tagged dog shower bath clean bathtime via.

Squirrel best friend cab soldier. Oh my gosh that squirrel is so cute!

A soldier and his squirrel. The soldier found a weak baby squirrel, nursed it back to life. Now the guy left the service, works as a taxi driver, and the squirrel is always in his pocket no matter where he goes! a-soldier-and-his-squirrel.

Cat suffers for horrible case of Chickenpox (Source: http://ift.tt/2fmtNRa)

Cat Suffering From a Horrible Case of Chickenpox<< that's not suffering. That's called snuggle heaven.

Errrm thnk you fren for some kissums but ur doing me a tad bit of a concern here

Wombat or as I like to call them "live teddy bears"

The wombat is a medium sized marsupial that is found only in Australia and it's surrounding islands. Wombats are burrowing mammals that spend most of the day under ground, coming out at night to feed.

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The advice that you should play dead in case of a bear attack was actually started by bears desperate for a good spooning. [xpost /r/shittyanimalfacts]

7 coisas que as mulheres não gostam nos homens - ÓtiMundo!

7 coisas que as mulheres não gostam nos homens - ÓtiMundo!

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do…they show you how its done .  Guru Eduardo

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