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FlightMode: Delta starts new flights to Caribbean St. Thomas from 18FEB17

Since Boeing still has been undecided on bringing a MoM aircraft on the market and Airbus has brought the Airbus LR, looking at how airlines are currently replacing the Boeing 757 and Boeing is interesting.

PSA L-1011 (N1114). Notice the airstair, PSA was the orginal airline to purchase this option for the lower lounge.

Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Lockheed TriStar 1 at Lockheed's Palmdale factory, circa October Notice the airstairs - PSA was the original airline to purchase this option for the lower lounge. (Photo: Lee D. Holden) Love the Smile!

Caught On Video: TNT Flight 352 emergency landing at Birmingham. Right landing gear detached. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYKDPnjwUSE …

Air Disasters on

15 June 2006 - TNT Airways Flight was operated by Boeing OO-TND. On landing the landing gear torn off. A go around was made and the crew landed safely.

Aircraft X-12h_2592.JPG (2592×1944)

Aircraft X-12h_2592.JPG (2592×1944)

In WW2, The Germans Planned To Attack New York City With Radioactive Sand

It is WWII. Hitler wants Americans to know what war feels like, so he orders the bombing of US cities. More specifically, he wants them nuked. Barring that


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing (registered PH-BQA) departing New York-John F. Kennedy International Airport (photo by Angelo Bufalino)

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Tupolev at Le Bourget in This ill-fated plane crashed the next day after this photo was taken. (Tragically enough, only a mile away from where The Air France Concorde sadly crashed, later.