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This is what my Lilac bushes look like in bloom. Bumble bees and butterflies and birds are all over it. The smell is to die for :)

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French lilacs - looks just like my Montana lilacs.  It seems lilacs grow wild here in Montana.

Purple lilacs straight from the garden - so pretty! My lilacs are finally in full bloom here in Montana!

Angel white lilac, beautiful. Especially if you live in the lilac city!

~ incredible angel white lilac, beautiful~I I used to love our lilacs trees in my backyard.

Love love love lilacs. Just the smell takes me back to when I was 14, living with Ellen, felt safe and happy. She had huge lilac bushes all over the yard.

If you love lilacs (and I do) this is the most fragrant and spectacular centerpiece. Lilacs have a short season, so plan accordingly. Arrangement by the talented Carolyne Roehm.


Photo (http://southern--lady.tumblr.com/)

We had two large lilac trees beside my house when I was young. My sister and I use to pick the flowers and suck out the honey. What a beautiful smell too.

We had two large lilac trees beside our house, in Petrolia, when I was young. We would pick the flowers to enjoy inside, as well. What a beautiful flower; what an amazing scent.

Bright Lilacs. I want a lilac bush in my yard!

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This is the color of one of my latest roses.

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Lovely Lilacs. They always remind of "Maw" who was my grandmother.  I played under her lilacs as a child because I loved to smell them.

lilacs:) my favorite! Reminds me of my childhood, there was a lilac tree right by my bedroom window, I used to wake up and sleep to the