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Viking women by ~DarkSunTattoo on deviantART A simple tone on tone scheme that works well. Addition of the headscarf sells it. I wonder what period of viking or if this is viking headwear?

Viking - dress diary. Patterns for underdress and aprondress linked with her notes about what she changed and what she liked.

Intended as Viking dress costume, the link goes to a tutorial on making both the dress AND the apron,

Motifs Birka sur le sur-tablier

Love the wine colored under dress

Note that this reenactor is wearing her brooches over the tips of her breasts, as Professor Annika Larsson has suggested.

A reproduction of an authentic Viking Hangerock "suspended skirt", worn by high ranking women, and made from quality fabric with suspenders fastened by two ornamental brooches.

Love the details... Viking dress at an SCA Event  #renratsguide

Is this layered wrapped apron dresses? Tube apron dresses with side slits?

Viking women outfit open aprondress Costumes personnels - la malle aux aiguilles

love the short sleeve overdress. Make underdress out of jersey, overdress out of fleece/light wool?

Inspiration - Layering tunics/tunic dresses of different lengths makes a more interesting costume, while requiring only one pattern.

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I'm not sure if this is applique or embroidery, but I really like it.

The Rainmaker by *VendelRus on deviantART  I love the colors and he's right, keep the color scheme and scale up as appropriate for women's size.

That is just so cute. The Rainmaker by *VendelRus on deviantART--viking child! I am so going to dress my baby up as a viking!