ShockC_KS5_2.14-1.jpg (2145×1260)

The Shattering [Project BlueStreak] - braceyourself for the big reveal, this week

the-warmonger-barbarian-medieval-sword-1320.jpg (800×4544)

This image represents the sword that Romeo used to kill multiple people throughout the play, including Paris, Tybalt, etc.

Штурмовая винтовка системы Гаусса "Аспид"

ArtStation - Aspid, Aleksandr Bobrishev (Concept Assault Rifle of Gauss system)

Weapon Design from Deep Black

Deep Black art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Lightning Gun by Aberiu on DeviantArt

Even though I hate them, Sniper weapons is a must have in any shooter. These kind of weapons award patience with massive damage. the style also fits my theme with elements of a modern appearance too.

sci-fi concept weapon by gurmukh bhasin | 3D | CGSociety #gun #rifle

In the Vengeance Season, Nook III of the Covalent Series, Pellus makes Zan a weapon. Could be something like this, sci-fi concept weapon by gurmukh bhasin