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Tom is adorable!!! XD *gif* and I can tell what the backdrop is its the prison from Thor 2

XD *gif* and I can tell what the backdrop is its the prison from Thor 2

“Have a Wonderful day Everyone.


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hoooooooly crap that is NOT FAIR, MR HIDDLESTON. GO SIT IN A CORNER. *GIF* set

Stop being so damn adorable. It's embarrassing! <--- (Last gif) Well, mark me down as scared AND horny!

Just Tom Hiddleston

Just Tom Hiddleston

So adorable

Tom Hiddleston Has Had It With Questions About Taylor Swift

Tom photographed by Rob Greig via Torrilla


*loud groans of 'I'm so done with your shit Hiddleston'*

I absolutely love his delicate “Oooohhh” followed by a cute eye squint when he has to consider a difficult question.

I think he mentioned one time when he was biking and some other biking asshole cut him off, and Tom was like, "Hey, buddy, we can all share the road here" and the dude gave him the finger haha

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston Canada 2015 Festival Central Lounge during 2015 TIFF

Tom Hiddleston at the 'I Saw The Light' Press Conference at the Fairmont Royal York on September 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

Warning.... Be careful and make sure you're sitting down before watching this one.....-----> he knows EXACTLY what he's doing when he does that!  Track those eyes.

Tom: watch his eyes.

GQ Tom Hiddleston

GQ Tom Hiddleston