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Panel of fabric hands over poles suspeded from the ceiling, creating a canopy.

Textiel is een prima manier om je interieur een update te geven zonder een gat in je budget te slaan. We hebben een uitgesproken voorkeur voor gedempte, neutrale kleuren: zachte grijze en aardetinten die passen bij het seizoen.

Using textiles are a great way to update the look of your home without spending too much. We’re really into using muted neutral colours this season; soft greys and earthy tones that reflect the season outside.



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De dagen worden korter, de wind snijdt af en toe... het perfecte moment om het binnen extra knus te maken. Kom kijken hoe wij vol enthousiasme textiel gebruiken om het seizoen in huis tot uiting te laten komen, het interieur warmer te doen aanvoelen en je woning energiezuiniger te maken.

The day’s are getting shorter, the wind’s a little crisp, luckily the time’s perfect for cosying up your indoors. Come see how we love to use textiles to celebrate the season outside, make the home warmer and more energy efficient too.

We want to get a Canopy Bed just like the one shown in the movie Ever After, the one that the "King and Queen" slept in. We want those super thick, velvet drapes so they block out the light when closed. (He works nights)

I like these sheer curtains. Tyhey make the room look lighter. I love color but I don't want the room to look super dark. When I look up bohemian dark and colorful shows up.

Cosy bedroom

Living in a studio apartment presents some unique challenges—your bed is always right there, your kitchen is practically non-existent, and let& not even get started on entertaining—but it also opens up opportunities for creative solutions

Over one window w a bench or reading area under between kids beds :)

For a kids room. Center a rod attached to the ceiling and aligned with the middle of the mattress. Hang and drape a measurably long length of fabric into a canopy. It gives a tent effect. Kids love that. Plus, you can add and remove on a whim.

Um dossel que não é um dossel.

Blue walls and a blue bed spread contrast with earth colours for natural tones.

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DIY home decor bedroom ideas - I love the idea of having sheer curtains to draw according to my mood / how cold it is / how many mosquitos there are! Definitely worth doing for a guest room or for when your bed is near a window

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