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The Artsy Fartsy Art Room: Matisse

This is a favorite project for me that will probably be a repeat every year---it's a good way to get my graders to just relax!

Art Room Rules! Sorry. No link, but worthy of saving anyhow. If you know the source please leave the link in the comment section.

Create art room rules on giant paintbrushes. Display on your bulletin board or classroom door to reinforce positive behaviors. Great for your art class behavior management system

Ten Mistakes Every Art Teacher Can Avoid

art teacher mistakes in the classroom-VERY true statements that art instructors should read (and reread!

Art Sub Lessons Plan & Sub Binder Information

Art Sub Plans: Lessons & Sub Binder Information

This packet of editable documents, easy art lessons, and sub binder organizers will help get you on the way to worry-free art sub plans. Imagine preparing for a

Love this! Turning it into a poster for my rooms!

Oct 12 Crazy Hair Day Self Portrait with 5th grade

Originally found on Ball's Bluff Elementary Art site. The instructor, Scott Russel, is dedicated to visual arts education. This teaches students the color family in a fun interesting way!

How you think in the art room! No inner critics and no inner defenders--hello inner guide thoughts!!! Growth Mindset in the Art Room

Growth Mindset in the Art Room (Princess Artypants)

Think Like an Artist Princess Artypants: Visual Arts in the PYP: Growth Mindset in the Art Room

One Crayola Short: Classroom Signs

Rules for students who are in elementary Art class. These are simple rules with simple picture illustrations. You can blended a few different ideas about classroom expectations.