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blink-182 are me heart

Optimist- "That glass is half full!" Pessimist- "That glass is half empty." Realist- "That's just a glass of milk." Hootowls: "Is that Vanilla?" *drenches self in vanilla milk under the sunset*

Idk but how dies andy beirsack manage to look like an emo scene kid even with a pikachu onesie on

Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon and Sleeping With Sirens. Oh so satanic. An adorable angel in a pikachu onesie is satanic.

Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, All Time Low, Fall Out Boys,  Falling In Reverse, Panic! At The Disco & Of Mice And Men.

30 seconds to mars A day to remember All time low Black veil brides Bring me the horizon Fall out boy Green day Motionless in white My chemical romance Of mice and men Panic! At the disco Paramore Pierce the veil Sleeping with sirens You me at six

Sleeping with sirens I think I can't really see, black veil brides, my chemical romance, Peirce the veil, falling in reverse these are not in order so....

(top to bottom) Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, and Pierce The Veil; BVB forever :D

Blink-182 (:

You might think they're dumb or whatever. But they're the only ones that can make me smile when I'm at my worst.

I love this because all these bands are on my iPod <3 <3

You Me At Six paramore all time low sleeping with sirens pierce the veil Bring Me The Horizon 30 Seconds To Mars panic! at the disco the maine blink 182 my chemical romance of mice & men fall out boy mayday parade suicide silence greenday young guns

That random pop punk god is Mark Hoppus MAKING the picture XD>>>I love him!!! and Blink-182 ❤️

That random pop punk god is Mark Hoppus MAKING the picture XD < I don't know who the fuck she is, but Mark Hoppus is unmistakable.

FANDOMS UNITE!  I can only name about eight of these...>>> why is Michael vey not a fandom?!?! I ship maylor just so y'all know

Oh my gosh I have read all of these! Im such a book nerd but all of these books where great.

MCR shouldn't even be there. You know. Think about it.    I am so sorry<<<You wanna get punched?

and Frank Iero's abnormally short body!<<i thought brendon was just wearing the top hat omg. MCR and Twenty one pilots are bae 💋

Jake,ashley,andy,jinxx,and cc are all amazing and btw i said all!!! Not just andy!!!

Jake,ashley,andy,jinxx,and cc are all amazing and btw i said all! Not just andy!

This happened with my mum... think she's coming around though??

Im glad my parents are fine with whatever music i listen to