“Pachamama” is an original work by the illustrator and collage artist Dan Hillier.This is the third gif about the artist work.About the artist:Website


Imágenes bellas, hermosas, inquietantes, fantásticas

Always listen, and be very wary of the noises you hear.  Their sounds are the only warning you have before they come.  You must be quick and quiet.  Then hide yourself well and don't move a muscle! Gif by the amazingly talented Kevin Weir

The scary and ghostly GIFs by Kevin Weir

Artist Turns Vintage Library Of Congress Photos Into Awesomely Creepy GIFs - cllick link to view them all. They are so wonderfully weird.

Yummmm #scalethewall

Yummmm #scalethewall


A series of very short animations, primarily about dog theft, created for Fox ADHD as a guest gif artist.