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Inside the mind of freelancer #infographic

Infographic: Inside the mind of a Freelancer. The longer you freelance, the happier you’ll be and the less likely you'll accept a regular job.

INFOGRAPHIC: The State Of Social Media ~ Sociable360 | Best Social Media & Web 2.0 Resources, Blogging, SEO & Marketing Tips

El estado actual de la Red Social - A look at the state of social media 2012 - where's this crazy social thing going?

Piilotettu aarre: Some-työkalut opetuksen ja koulutuksen apuna

Some-työkalut opetuksen ja koulutuksen apuna

25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Social Media category. Check out 25 Ways Teachers Can Integrate Social Media Into Education now!

20 Cases Solved By Using Facebook, we get to look at a few cases that were solved by using Facebook as its main evidence source. I wouldn’t be surprised if every child will get a mandatory Facebook account when they are born so that the government can track their every step through life in order to keep them in check and inside the boundaries of the law. It’s a scary thought; however, a very legitimate one I suppose.

20 Criminal Cases Solved By Using Facebook [Infographic]

The DNA of a successful book: Woman are 50% more likely than men to finish a book.

Business Infographics - The DNA of a Successful Book. Trends in Book and Literary Reading. Interesting Facts about Books and Reading.

De jongens tegen de meisjes op SNS

Infographic: Battle of the Sexes – How Men And Women Use The Social Web Here are the some of the numbers behind how men and women use social media, and which gender uses it more effectively after the jump.