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zkyung secretly holding hands...again! *gif*

ZiKyung: Kid tested, mother approved, whole world approved

The Kyungsoo Effect is just too strong for Jongin.

Jongin trying to calm his Kyungsoo feels. In which kai represents the exo fandom.

Block B

Block B in the house! This is why I love them

So adorable! (gif) Block B~~~~Block B, in a nutshell. (Yes, even the 'normal' one, Jaehyo, the 4D Prince of the group himself.)

So adorable! (gif) Block B, in a nutshell. (Yes, even the 'normal' one, Jaehyo, the Prince of the group himself.

Kyungsoo being Kyungsoo.... SO FREAKING CUUUUUUUUUTE. I can't even with these guys anymore..... I love them so damn much....

Kyungsoo being Kyungsoo this gif because is so freaking FUNNY!O yahhhh*

EXO GIF "KaiSoo moment <3..... then there's lay who pops out of nowhere lol"

EXO GIF "KaiSoo moment then there's Lay who pops out of nowhere, my cutie Lay"

EXO Facts #660 ♥

The effects of medical marijuana ft Xiumin, Luhan, and Lay XD

Block B. xD I love them so much

Oh gosh, NalinA MV, I believe. I'm too tired to remember.