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Our New Year’s celebration with our second pack and family Grandline Wolfdogs. Amaroq & Mavis of Grandline Wolfdogs.

"Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon, and each night it cries for a love it can never touch"

What if they were wolves until the full moon and were men for three days? 'You Could Never Tame' by Novawuff on deviantART.

Dreaming Soul (gif)

everyday a different color, beautiful gifs, soft goth, nature. images that I like and attract my attention. I hope you'll find images here for your taste too.

♠️Mi Alpha♠️

Death before decaf, I've got so much to do. Live life with less bullshit. Enjoy the beauty in everyday things.

While humans travel side by side, canines travel in a line with the leader being in front

Get Ready to Say Aww: Animals in Snow ...

I can't believe there are idiots that hunt these beautiful creatures. Let nature balance itself. Humans always screw it up. But I know that the wolf will win!

Chi mangia fa le briciole

This wolf is ready to play. A domesticated dog will pose the same stance as this wolf when wanting to play

Wolf by SheltieWolf on DeviantArt

Wildlife Wolf Wolf@ in digital painting, by SheltieWolf photography unless otherwise noted SheltieWolf