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And it ne

This post describes me better than anything I have ever seen

Shower thoughts/socially awkward people Crescent Moon Darnel, Anyone?

Why is Latin always the language for summoning demons

Why is Latin always the language for summoning demons<<<Because Rome, the place of Latin's origin, was all about rituals.

Tumblr Gets Deep (20 Pics) –

My hiccups hurt.<<idk but if it is then we're both dying cause mine do too lol<< same here. They're often so bad they make me feel like i'm gonna throw up.

Story of my life

I think that's one of the best and worst things about life- you don't know what to expect.

So me, relatable, funny, text posts tumblr

with that comeback they you wish you thought of before but didn't until it was declared an armistice.

this instilled a really specific mood in me

Back before I didn't bring a reading flashlight everywhere.