Josh Hutcherson <3

What will Josh Hutcherson look like in the future? We picked celebrities (and real people) who The Hunger Games star may resemble as he gets older.

mmmmmmmmmmmm. just stared at him for at least 2/3 of The Hunger Games.

Josh Hutcherson, please marryme.

Josh Hutcherson

yummmm Josh Hutcherson, you're are simply too gorg!

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Josh Hutcherson (Peeta in the hunger games)

Josh Hutcherson as Robert in Red Dawn.

Oh hey Josh Hutcherson! Not really a Hutcherson fan, but he looked hot in this movie!>>>>>> ummmmm MORTAL josh is so amazing and handsome so yah

Josh Hutcherson, October 12, 1992, monkey:libra

Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(: kathryndgomez Josh Hutcherson! Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(: Josh Hutcherson! Can't wait to see The Hunger Games(:

Josh Hutcherson

Even though he is like 11 years younger, I find Josh Hutcherson super cute!

Maybe he will just chose to keep his hair blonde forever. We can only hope ;) <3

"My future husband, guys, back off." Elise Clark claims him people, and I will back her up all the way. "Josh Hutcherson is Elise Nicole Clark's future husband, so back off people. Lol got ya covered girl.

"I grew up riding dirt bikes all the time and motorcycles, so I was very comfortable driving a motorcycle, but yeah, my mom was definitely a little nervous about it—just about the traffic, other drivers and stuff like. But she knows it’s something I love and have always wanted to do, so she’s like, 'it makes you part of who you are.'"  Read more: Josh Hutcherson

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