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Artist Dimitra Milan is 16 years old. But as young as she is, she didn’t let herself be caught up by social media. Painting is her way

"Resim dışında hayatta en çok önem verdiğim şeylerden biri seyahat etmek."

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Decided to "upgrade" one of my older paintings because she looked like she was missing a little extra something. Since the theme for this painting is wind, I added some extra winged friends for h.

Colorful Surreal Paintings by 16 Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan

Colorful Surreal Paintings by 16 Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan

The collection of surreal paintings below is by artist Dimitra Milan, she is currently based in Arizona. Her incredible paintings have been exhibited in private collections across the U.


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Dimitra Milan | 16 Year Old Emerging Artist - Art People Gallery

A celebrated artist by the age of Dimitra Milan’s extraordinary paintings can be found in private collections across the U. Born into a family of established artists, Dimitra.

"Nice and Courage" Dimitra Milan

Interlaced- Her spirit soft and sweet, her eyes speak of her story. An unshakable strength drives…” Dimitra Milan

"As I begin to paint the scene, I drift into a right brain realm where I forget time and space and just sort of live inside this painting and the flow of color and brush strokes." –Artist Dimitra Milan

Interview: 16-Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan Paints Her Wildest Dreams

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Black Sand Publishing helps Dimitra Milan reproduce and distribute her artwork in a wide variety of formats.