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My grandfather was an Army Ranger, is what his grandsons will say! Army Rangers: If Everything Around You Is Exploding.Its Probably Us Rangers Lead The Way!

U. S. Army Ranger Handbook

Army Ranger Handbook Quality material used to make all Pro force products Tested in the field and used in the toughest environments 100 percent designed in the USA

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It's amazing how many people forget who actually make the greatest sacrifices during rough times. The poor and the young.  It has always baffled me that we expect the young to pick up arms and fight for our freedoms, but then want to take away their freedoms when they return home.... With the excuse that they're 'too immature/young' to know what they're doing.  Really??  You didn't care when they were your human shields.

God bless all of our Military and keep them safe from harm, we ask in Jesus Name. Bloomberg is an idiot and a wimp.

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Funny pictures about Real Army Men. Oh, and cool pics about Real Army Men. Also, Real Army Men.